Fairbanks, Alaska International Dog Mushing and Sled Museum

Bouchard's International Dog Mushing and Sled Museum is a one of a kind museum located in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. The museum features historical Iditarod dog sleds, trophies, native art work, one of a kind displays, and memorabilia from Lance Mackey, Susan Butcher, George Alta and many more mushers and native Alaskans. On your tour, you'll learn about how dog mushing was a way of life for the Native Alaskans and how it has evolved into one of the most difficult sports around.

Bouchad's International Dog Mushing and Sled museum ranks in the top ten on Trip Advisor for activities to do in Fairbanks. Enjoy a family-friendly experience and enrich your trip to Fairbanks Alaska.

The museum exhibits one of a kind artifacts, starting with a display of a dog sled from Greenland. Discover how dog sleds were the only reliable way of travel in the early days for people living in the Arctic. Next, see a modern dog sled, which is used on the Iditarod trail today. Learn about the rigorous and difficult activities that a musher has to embark on when they decide to enter the Iditarod.

Observe many dog sleds, trophies, pictures, memorabilia, and art work that line the museum. View vintage dog sled toys and pictures, including a picture of The Beatles in their Parkas. On the second floor, extensive art displays showcase several ivory sculptures and native art work. An 18-minute video tops off the tour, showing the rigors a musher must endure when participating in the Yukon Quest, which is a 1,000 mile race that starts in Fairbanks and finishes in Whitehorse Canada. If you are coming to Fairbanks, this is a must see museum!

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The Bouchard's International Dog Mushing & Sled Collection,
the largest in the world                

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