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We have just visited the Slow Rush Kennels and it was a terrific experience.
Klaya, our tour guide and proprietor does a great job and her dedication to the dogs and mushing is obvious. She takes effort in educating about the animals and the sport. Lots of signage, a fantastic demonstration of a training run with a finish at her museum featuring the sporting and First Nations history. Good signage makes it easy to find.

Well worth it. The dogs were stars!

- Bruce & Vicky Walker
Beaumont, AB


Slow Rush Kennels: The best tour/presentation I've ever seen. 27 dogs, you get to play with some. Presentations, education, museum, movie, spectacular scenery, and demonstrations.

Cumberland, BC


We have had a wonderful time in Dawson City. Friendly people and very interesting town. We have seen a lot these days and really liked the presentation at the Jack London Museum.
But...the most interesting thing we have experienced was the tour, kennel walk, informative talk and the mushing museum at Slow Rush Kennels. Everyone should experience that, it was fantastic. Thanks a lot to Slow Rush Kennels!

-Kaie & Jone Reideen Langhelle
Kleivane, Norway